Why VTax

Taxes made easy, wherever you are. File your simple tax return the fastest and easiest way possible in almost no time at all. Leave the hard parts to Refund Advantage and be on your way to the maximum tax refund…guaranteed!

It's your refund, keep more of it!

You may be asking yourself how can VTax be so much easier to use than other tax preparation option? We have spent countless hours analyzing the wants and needs of customers just like you and we know exactly what you are looking for. For consumers, the best of both worlds, the hassle-free convenience of having your taxes done on-demand anytime, anywhere and assurance that your tax return is being prepared by credentialed tax professionals and reviewed by enrolled agents and CPA’s with the proper training an experience.

You can’t beat VTax's value.

VTax is a full-service tax preparation firm that is designed for you, the individual taxpayer. Each VTax tax professional is registered with the IRS to prepare and e-file your tax return electronically.

Top-notch, Expert Tax Preparation

Only registered licensed tax professionals work for us, which means these are serious tax professionals. You’ll get the ultimate in quality of preparation no matter how complicated, messy, or difficult your tax dilemma might seem. Finally, the assurance that your return has been reviewed for accuracy or missing credits or deductions by an experienced enrolled agent or CPA and will alert you to any problem areas or missing data before you file your return.

VTax guarantees the largest refund possible

We guarantee that you will receive the maximum refund you are entitled or we will refund you the preparation fees you paid.

No-Appointment Necessary!

With the VTax mobile app for both Android or iOS in as little as 15 minutes you can now conveniently and securely connect with our team of licensed and credentialed tax professionals and have your taxes professionally filed anytime and from anywhere you choose. Just grab your forms and your phone, and you’re on your way to your maximum refund.

Audit Assistance Included In All Tax Preparation

We deal with the IRS so you don't have to. We stand behind our work, therefore if you get a letter or contacted by the IRS or state taxing agency, our expert representatives will defend any income tax return we prepared at NO additional charge.


VTax utilizes secure technology with a password-protected client portal to protect documents and profile information. The VTax centralized team of tax professionals are vetted to ensure integrity during the return process, and kept current of all tax regulations and changes. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Audit Assistance are in place to ensure that your returns are safe and secure.