Mobile App

On demand is in demand! Use the Vtax mobile app to conveniently and securely connect with a VTax professional. Grab your forms and your phone, and you’re on your way to your maximum refund – guaranteed. No appointment necessary!

How it Works

Download the Vtax app.

Connect with Vtax network.

Answer a few questions about yourself, SNAP. UPLOAD. DONE!

Securely uploaded and sent.

Connect to your tax professional via video or phone conference.

You approve a draft of your returns and sign. We e-file for you.

Safe And Secure

Our entire system is secure. Upload documents with confidence, knowing that every piece of information is encrypted. Connect to our secure portal where you have the ability to view documents and access your tax return at any time.

Our team of on-demand tax professionals

VTax built a virtual tax preparation “factory” with the best experts in the industry. The Vtax app connects you to this team whenever you want, from wherever you are. The ultimate in convenience! We 100% guarantee our work!

To top it off, we offer 100% audit assistance satisfaction – at no additional cost.