About VTax. The Firm

VTAX is a full service tax preparation, accounting and consulting firm. Each VTax tax professional is licensed and credentialed. Every tax return that we prepare is reviewed by an enrolled agent or CPA.

On-Demand Is In Demand

“It’s time to enhance the taxpayer experience”.

VTax is different than any other Tax Preparation Firm available to the general public. It uses technology to streamline the collaboration of taxpayers and tax professionals who request tax preparation services through our mobile app platform. VTax was born out of frustration with unreliable, under-qualified tax preparers with no licensing or certification and as little as five days of tax training.

We Built an App for That

It starts with the VTax mobile app which is designed to bridge the gap between the high quality customer service that consumers want – convenient, accurate, reliable, low-cost professional tax preparation services preformed by credentialed tax professionals with the proper training and experience. Consumers have the best of both worlds, the hassle-free convenience of having their taxes done on-demand anytime, anywhere and assurance that their tax return is being prepared by credentialed tax professionals and reviewed by enrolled agents and CPAs with the proper training and experience at an affordable, transparent price.